The Birth Story of Feed My Soul

I was reading Twyla Tharp’s book The Creative Habit one night before bed and I was suddenly gripped by an impulse to run downstairs to my studio, grab my largest canvas and start this painting – despite the fact that I was planning to just do a little reading before bed! But her EYES were in my mind, her face was already looking at me… This was the second largest painting I had ever completed at this time (30×40”).

Feed My Soul by Katie m. Berggren

Feed My Soul by Katie m. Berggren ~ if you need a print of her, go here


I felt the emotion pulling from my chest as I quickly worked the composition on to the canvas, brush dipped quickly into brown paint, sitting on the floor of my tiny studio because the painting area and counter was already crowded with other paintings in process.

As I worked, I felt my brush and my thoughts and my intensity healing me, feeding me, from the inside out – it’s a hard feeling to describe. Her eyes, the way she looked at me with such purpose, she was bigger than life size.

There is intensity around this painting for me, and I feel a certain kind of heat in my heart when I “read” into it. She is very special to me, as though I actually birthed her form on a quiet late night while my family slept peacefully. Over the next few weeks I finessed her skin and hair, and the child’s emotional touch, through to completion.

This composition is based loosely upon “Swoon”, an earlier mini painting (see below). There is something so precious and fond about those moments when the child chooses to reach up and connect with the mother.

Swoon by Katie m. Berggren

Swoon by Katie m. Berggren ~ if you need a print of this, click here


It took me a bit of contemplation once this piece was complete, needing to tap back into the initial intense urges and feelings that began this piece, in order to uncover the title for her. Feed My Soul ~ and she did and she does. And I know she does for many mamas now that she is out in the world.

“This is an amazing one of a kind print that touched my heart and meant something to me as soon as I saw it. I received this print only two days after ordering it, shipping is amazing! Additionally, this seller is quite obviously very talented, as well as kind, and I am very much looking forward to buying more of her prints! Thank you so much!!!” ~ Shannon, New Jersey

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