The “B” Word

The word that I try not to use (except when referring to bumblebees); the word I do not necessarily want associated with me or my family; the word that personally sparks annoyance when others use it as a reason for not keeping in touch, or getting their work done. (but only because this word has become so twisted and poisoned)


We choose how Busy we are. I know a mama, she’s dear to my heart, and she’s always Busy. It is as if we sometimes can’t not be Busy. It is as if we become afraid of silence, afraid of space, afraid of moments of peace, quiet and nothing.

When we look at our “to-do” lists, and I love my to-do lists ~ they keep me focused and allow me to make leaps and bounds toward accomplishing important tasks and projects tied to promises. But when  we look at our lists, how often are they muddied up with things that we don’t truly have to do? Or at least we don’t have to do them today?

How many of those items can we delegate, minimize or just plain dump. Does it really matter if… Will anyone notice if… Will our lives truly be better if… Does it have any meaning? Or is it just clutter?

Here’s to decluttering our to-do lists. And I tell you, each time you scratch something off because it truly doesn’t matter, or won’t matter in a couple days, the feeling is empowerment.

Just think how many moments can be saved and used in better ways!

Revolution ~ available original painting by Katie m. Berggren
Revolution ~ available original painting by Katie m. Berggren

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