Take A Moment: Too Many Toys… and a new mini painting

Let’s talk toys… Do they clog your living room and strangle the entryway? Do you find them behind the toilet and under the dining room table? What about in the car?

I believe, in general, children have WAY TOO MUCH. When my kids were toddlers, I often felt I couldn’t breathe, even though my boys didn’t have a TON of stuff (comparatively). Christmastime and gift-giving still gives me chills because of how much comes into the house.

The Solution: I fantasized about getting a bin and throwing ALL of the clutter and toys in, then whisking the problem away. You and I have both used this as a threat, I’m sure I did get a big bin, and I did throw a LOT of toys in. I then whisked it away (to the garage). I casually and happily named this box the “Not Often Played With Box”, and my boys were always welcome (which didn’t happen often) to ask to play/dig in the box, and I’d haul it out. I wasn’t holding their toys hostage, I was just helping them focus on what they did have. Rotating items in/out overtime.

I have to tell you: grabbing a box and filling it up was liberating. I still do this. My boys have become so accustomed to having less that they only have an urge to explore the box maybe 1-2x per year.

Teaching our children how to live with less, to *need* less… in my opinion is one of the best gifts we can give them. Can you try this? How would it change your home and your sanity?


It’s Thursday, so here is today’s new mini painting. Her name is: Face To The Son ~ this is an original painting on a chunky 6×6″ canvas, she will arrive ready-to-hang (she doesn’t even need a wire) with some free 5×7″ frame-able art cards, for $89. Make her yours, right here.

Face To The Son by Katie m. Berggren

Face To The Son by Katie m. Berggren


Face To The Son by Katie m. Berggren

Face To The Son by Katie m. Berggren


Also, here are 5 additional 6×6″ paintings that are available and will make an extraordinary gift for a loving mother. They are $89 each. Remember, there is only ever ONE original of each painting and if you spend over $250 in the Online Studio Shop you get FREE GLOBAL SHIPPING with coupon code SHIPLOVE.

5 6x6" original paintings by Katie m. Berggren

5 6×6″ original paintings by Katie m. Berggren


Thank you for everything, have a WONDERFUL day! Wanna chat live on Facebook? I’ll see you there.

Love & Sincerely, Katie

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