Take A Moment: Chaos ~ & a new mini painting

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Hi there~

Recently, I asked the wise mamas on Facebook how they keep their homes out of Chaos. Here’s the scoop: small cleaning bursts throughout the day vs. a full day of cleaning; minimizing possessions to simplify (my personal fave); meal planning; cleaning one room per day; and also important: lowering our standards ~ sounds like a cop-out but taking pressure off is important. No matter how perfectly we clean the bathroom, it gets dirty the next day… ease up on yourself. Add YOUR voice to the conversation.


Introducing Child Of Focus~ the newest mini original painting in the Everyday Connection Collection. She’s just complete. Snag prints of Child Of Focus here.

Child Of Focus by Katie m. Berggren

Child Of Focus by Katie m. Berggren

Child Of Focus by Katie m. Berggren

There is only ever ONE original of each painting.

Have a great day!

Love & Sincerely, Katie

Katie m. Berggren

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