Summer Closes

Summer closes. It’s gone. Not the summer weather, thank goodness, but the carefree days of jammies til noon, lunch together on the grass, and moments in front of the computer watching MineCraft tutorials. (oh, maybe that is just us)

Fly by Katie m. Berggren

Fly by Katie m. Berggren ~ choose archival prints of Fly here


School has started for my two boys, and now they eat lunch in a room filled with other children eating a variety of eyebrow-raising (though some good) foods (served and/or packed). They eat lunch quickly with their friends under the watchful eye of a woman who constantly and consistently showers them with “shhhhhh shhhhhhhhhh shhhhhhhhh. SSSSHHHHHH.” We laugh about this, but it is true. She means well.

School is good though, at least for my boys, otherwise they wouldn’t be there. We hovered and spied over just a couple neighborhoods, for a year, that would get our boys into the best public school in the county ~ then we moved. We’re good. I am coming to terms with school and time apart and other people’s kids. My boys are happy and that is what counts.

What does this mean for the mama though? The mama’s purpose has changed during the meat of the day. She only has to put the toys and books away once. She only has to clean away the breakfast smudges and crumbs ~ someone else takes care of the lunch mess.

The mama (if she is a mama like this mama) is alone during the day, mostly, alone with her moments. And what she chooses to do with those moments is so, so important. The time away from our children and our one-on-one kiddo responsibilities can really give us an opportunity to find our purpose, to develop a craft, to find what we were put here to do (besides be a mama).

I know the amount of space and time I speak of doesn’t apply to everyone. Some mamas have little ones at home while the bigger children are at school; some head off to a job away from home. But can we still seek moments in the day to think about what we have been called to do? Then learn about, move toward and make plans to make it happen? Even if we have to claim the hours after everyone is asleep.

I hope that if you are reading this, you know your craft, as well, (and I don’t mean “craft” in the scissors and paste and fabric sort of way, unless crafting is your craft), or at least have an inkling ~ something to try. I wish for you the clarity to seek what you were put on this earth to do. Maybe it is music, or building birdhouses, maybe it is selling cars ~ or fixing things?

Yes, it is clichéd but it seems to work: “If you were rich beyond any desire, what would you choose to do?”

And, “if you were the last person on the earth, what would you do with your time?” This will help to make sure that you are doing what YOU want to do, and not what you want others to SEE you doing.


One more note: Let us find what we are good at and what makes our heart sing, soon and now. Because that which attracts us while our children are young, may just be our saving grace when our children spread their wings and….

Best of love to you in your moments, and again, I wish for you the clarity to seek what you were put on this earth to do, and then to grab it with both hands.

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Love & Sincerely, Katie


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