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Have you felt the grip of Resistance when you KNOW you need to be getting something creative or soul-filling done? You are not alone! (at the bottom I share a great tip)

Resistance uses our OWN voice to remind us why we should NOT be working. Why we should check social media instead. Why we should vacuum instead. Or have a snack.

I could feel that I was stalling on some paintings this week, so, instead, I got a hair-brained idea that I NEEDED to rearrange my studio, because that would 'solve everything!'

I knew it wouldn't, but I played along. Even though I knew it was a form of Resistance, I have also read that re-arranging our spaces ignites creativity in our brains, so I almost always follow these urges.

Watch a short video of what I did, here.

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I made a plan on how I would rearrange the furniture, then went for it. Setting a timer to keep me from taking too long. I estimated that it would take 2 hours, but it took only 40 minutes! What a gift!

Just some vacuuming and hanging of paintings after that. The new space feels great. And I wanted to share the process with you because as a clutter-phobe-minimalist, I ADORE the rearranging of furniture and the refreshing of spaces, and you might enjoy it, too! You can see an early design of my studio here.

When I was little, my mom used to move the couch, coffee table, chairs and tv around our living room. It was so exciting to me! I would watch her push things across the carpet, into a new location, completely transforming the room!
I would 'fly' my toys all over the 'new' room and into all the open spaces that used to hold 3-D objects. I would feel the little carpet indents where couch feet used to stand.

This process was one way for my mama-at-home-raising-4-kids to feel better, and it is ABSOLUTELY one of the ways that I encourage a lift in my own spirits to this day!

Usually it is my living room that I rearrange because it takes only a few minutes and has a great pay-off.

But a few times a year, it is the more arduous task of rearranging my studio, the most-cluttered room in the house.

Sometimes this task includes re-painting walls, scrubbing paint off the wood floor, rolling the rug and taking it up to the attic (or bringing it down and putting it back!).

And sometimes it is simple, like this week.

On Tuesday, once the furniture was moved and the room was vacuumed, I stepped right up to my workbench with the energy and clarity of mind to paint. It worked.

Resistance is still biting at me this week, and I'm not entirely sure why, but each day there is a new trick to ignore it and get some work done.

Do you need some encouragement to fight your own Resistance to whatever you are working on (or should be working on)?
I highly recommend The War Of Art by Steven Pressfield. It is a manual for any creator's life.
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Here is what Steven Pressfield said about my Silent Story book after he had it in his hands (he's been guiding me through his books and emails for 10 years, so I asked if I could mail him one):

"Katie, super-congrats on A SILENT STORY. I take my hat off to you for the guts it took to initiate, work through, and “ship” (as Seth Godin would say) the finished product. This is definitely waaaay creative and innovative. Thanks so much for sending. The book will have a place of honor on my shelf. Can’t wait for the Spielberg movie!
And thanks for the shout-out at the end!
And now, as my old mentor Paul Rink once said to me, 'On to the next one!'” ~ Steve Pressfield

And I am indeed 'onto the next one'. Learn more about the second book in the Silent Story series by hanging out with me in my private Facebook Group.
Yesterday I posted a video showing most of the artwork created so far! About 20 pieces. I'll see you there!

Do you love to move YOUR furniture around, too? How does it make YOU feel? I'd LOVE to hear!

Have a great day!
Love & Sincerely, Katie
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