Stretching Wings

The value of letting kids play and bumble, letting them wander out of your site in a safe place. Stretching their wings, quizzing their own sense of autonomy.

Letting them know that you’re there, but not hovering.
Letting them know that you care, but not smothering.

The freedom, excitement and big-kid feelings of not being able to see mama (even though she can hear your voice through the trees and can hear your footsteps on the dry leaves).

Collecting Leaves by Katie m. Berggren

Collecting Leaves by Katie m. Berggren ~ snag archival prints of this piece

We are showing them that we trust, and that we have faith in their decisions. We are showing them, by not constantly watching, that we believe in them.

We all need to feel trusted and believed in, eh?

Have a wonderful day ~ stretch your wings in the glorious Fall ~ this is the time of year that I feel I could very nearly lift off. Elevated by the fresh air, the aforementioned crunchy leaves, the delicious crispness in the air, the chill that heads towards the core and the bones. But yet the sun shines.

Love & Sincerely, Katie


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