Spirit Soul & Sweetness ~ Today’s New Painting ~ Event Tonite!

As the LAST PAINTING for The Expanded Visions Collection, I am honored to present Spirit, Soul & Sweetness ~ the FIRST painting where I have added the written word to a painting.

Spirit, Soul & Sweetness
Original Painting: 8×8″, $95
This original painting has SOLD

All of my life, I have been writing, and collecting my writings, poems, stories and blurbs, painting titles, phrases and tag lines. I have been wanting, for a couple years now, to find a way to incorporate the words into the paintings ~ to give a glimmer of my thoughts behind the work ~ a glimmer brighter than the title can provide ~ and to be present when the painting’s statement was not around.

With Spirit, Soul & Sweetness, I really felt a need to include words.

I was able to clip paper directly from my journal, write in my own handwriting with my trusty drawing pen ~ and adhere the text, scumbling paint around and layering transparent tones over the paper ~ welcoming that little slip of paper right into the world of the image, making it feel necessary, making it appear natural.

I have done this just once now, but I can already tell that a new door has opened to me, and conquering this fear will lead to additional fears to be conquered. How fun.

This painting, while Available, may be found in the Online Shop.



artful bliss: an evening of intimacy, stories & art

Thursday, August 11, from 5-9pm

Bring the children from 5-7 and let them create their own works of art; and/or come from 7-9 for live music. Enjoy Original Motherhood Paintings, Hors d’oeuvres, healthy chocolate samples & book signings throughout the 5-9pm event.

•intimate motherhood paintings & inspiration books, presented by Katie m. Berggren www.kmberggren.com

•activity books & art by Kirsten Klug, to encourage play, open communication & build confidence


•story-infused mixed media art by Liz Ness


also: Inspiring Live music by singer/songwriter Mila Polevia

New Day Center For The Arts (Day Theater)

5516 SE Foster, Portland OR 97206

Questions? 360.213.7879

Have a great day,

Love & Sincerely ~ Katie

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