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Speaking Silently ♥ Healing Me

My collectors choose prints and paintings from my studio because they demonstrate to their children and their families, without words, just how much they matter. Time and time again I’m told how these pieces speak silently, to share the value of a mother’s connection and closeness with her babies.


I’ve always loved thinking of these children gazing upon the pieces on the wall and knowing truly that their mama adores them. She MUST, they say, “why ELSE would she put a painting of ME on the wall! Me and mommy.” :) :)



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mom and two daughters artwork, mother and two kids art, painting of mom and daughters



When my boys were much younger, they could see me creating these pieces and understood that being their mother was the most important thing to me. Why ELSE would I always be spotted with colors from hands to jeans and painting THEM on canvas?! :) :)


Earlier this month, I was telling my 19-year-old son about the painting Healing Me. At the time it was made, I told my boys what it meant and where it stemmed from, but that was 2009! Healing Me was the FINAL painting in my 85 8x8s Collection. My FIRST actual collection, that spanned February to October 2009.



mother and two sons artwork, painting of mom and two kids, brothers artwork, mommy and little boys art



One day I was in my studio hanging a painting on the wall (I think) and I lost my balance, here are the words from the day, 10/29/2009: I fell down today ~ and despite the sudden shock to my wrist, my hip, my ribs and my neck ~ the sound of two pairs of tiny legs running down the hall towards my thump warmed my heart beyond belief. Two soft, sweet bodies threw their heads against me, and two pairs of probing concerned eyes covered me with care while sweet kisses healed me instantly...

My boys were 5 and almost 4 years old ♥


Telling my (now 19-year-old) son this story last week, I could tell that even now he was honored and pleased with the fact that I was so in love with that moment (and them) that I had painted it. 


The re-telling brought a new wave of warmth to my heart. He got to hear me say that he had a gentle, kind soul, and that I knew he and his bro loved me and that they are humans who will take care of those they love…


This is one way that I can remind my boys of how precious they are to me. And I feel a synchronicity with my collectors as they tell their children what each piece means to them, and why they have chosen to put their LOVE and DEVOTION on the wall



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Final Tidbit: 

Next Thursday is the FINAL DAY to get a free Open Skies Collection print
I would LOVE if you would share this offer with your friends. This helps my artwork to reach new eyes and gets some free peaceful artwork into their hands.


Thank you for being here, I hope you are having a beautiful and inspiring day.


Love & Sincerely, Katie 


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