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Souvenir of Surrender – Letting Our Children Fly

Many of my custom clients ask for a painting because they need a memento of their surrender… they are mothers needing a record of the days of breastfeeding, babywearing, co-sleeping. A souvenir to represent a time that is leaving, a habit that is ending, a relationship that is changing.

I create paintings to help mothers move out of nursing and wearing stages; to release some hold on their children as they grow up and need independence; to have something to hold onto after a child has passed on. Forever capturing a moment that is fleeting. An original painting is forever.

A painting becomes an emblem that can remind a mother that she was there, she was in those moments fully, and now she has found the strength to move forward. Because, as one of my clients states so beautifully: “my boys need a different kind of mom now, they need a mom that opens her hands and lets her children fly…” I'm in this stage, too, and I hold many of my paintings close to me, even when the original painting heads off to a different mother, I keep the images close by.


Each painting created is a lesson for me. A lesson in love and one in letting go. Find ready-to-ship original paintings here, or ask me to create a special one inspired by you and your children.


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I feel like we are surrendering every day. Personally, my husband and I are teaching our son to drive and so many times I’ve heard myself say to him that we must have Blind Trust, which is a sort of surrender… blind trust that the people in the opposite lane won’t cross the yellow line.


Blind trust that people are looking/caring/knowledgeable. Surrendering, every day, a little bit at a time.


What are you surrendering to? You are not alone.


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