Source Of Warmth ~ More Thrive ~ Carry You With Me

Source Of Warmth ~ More Thrive ~ Carry You With Me

The 7th Annual Painting On Purpose painting, SOURCE OF WARMTH is complete and ready to be released on Saturday!
The PURPOSE for Painting On Purpose is to give ALL of the money from the sale of an original painting, each year, to an organization that benefits mothers and/or children. So far, this project has allowed me to give $4,966 to 6 different organizations. When this new painting sells, the buyer of the painting and I will be teaming up to give $895 to Friends of the Children.
The whole Painting On Purpose project is inspired by my grandma... see a tiny video of her painting at the park :)


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The Thrive Collection PART TWO releases on Friday, February 12!! I will have 6 BRAND NEW paintings for you - 2 are a secret, 3 I am showing below, and one is a large Cherry Blossom painting that I am showing on Instagram :) scroll to the end of this vid reel to see her.

I hope you can stop in on Friday, February 12 at 11am PST to see the new artwork! AND... I have a beautiful new surprise to share as well... and free gifts with original painting purchases!!

I'll send you an email at 11am PST on the 12th.

flowers and children paintings, mother gift flower painting by KmBerggren



carry you with me program, navigating life after child loss, alanna knobben


Many of you are aware of the Carry You With Me Storybook that I created with Author Alanna Knobben. 

After losing her son, Marshall, at the age of two weeks old, she found healing in words. She journaled for pages and pages and what emerged was a beautiful book for anyone that has experienced child loss.  I am so grateful that she trusted me enough to reach out and allow me to help bring it together with artwork.  

The Carry You With Me book led her to create a community where bereaved parents could connect and find support – in small things like meaningful coloring pages that we have created together or in bigger things – like one another.


On February 1st the Carry You With Me Program came to life. If you are a bereaved parent or someone supporting a bereaved parent, I will be sharing the link to this Program on February 1st on my Instagram page and next Thursday via email. I know you’ll find warmth, comfort and inspiration in it. And, you’ll find a community of people who can relate, whenever you’re ready to connect.


This is launch week, and your entry into the program includes a custom piece of electronic artwork by Calgary Artist Allison Dawrant. Through February 7.
Use my partner code (KATIE21) to get 15% off the program through February 7.


Thank you for taking the time to follow along with my work.

Have a wonderful week's end!


Love & Sincerely, Katie

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