Silver Linings ~ Wild Tenderness part 2

Silver Linings ~ Wild Tenderness part 2

This weird time… where we are washing our grocery packages, wearing masks, and looking at each other a little differently. I find myself both forgetting and walking to close to people, and moments later side-eyeing people who are walking too close to me! Good grief!

I have found some personal silver linings in this storm, though, and I would love to hear YOURS. What are the neat-o things that wouldn’t be happening without quarantine?

My husband and I are taking long walks every weekday morning. I love the exercise and the time to talk and scheme. It has brought us closer and given him someone to talk about “work” with, since he is currently working in an “office” set up in our bedroom. I also like the self-discipline of setting an alarm and getting up and going, vs entering each day in a lazy way. Although today was a lazy one – because we NEED those days, too! 

My boys and I have lunch and a walk together each day, and they are getting lots of times to talk with their friends. They learn self-discipline for schoolwork and bedtimes. This is the first time I am saying goodnight before my kids. It’s strange and has been hard for me…

All the while, my heart breaks for those who we’ve lost, and for those they’ve left behind…

Have you found clever ways to make YOU-time? Are you doing something creative? Recipe-exploring? Writing, photo-organizing, learning?

I want to share TWO THINGS that have been helpful for me: Journaling and Music.

This music video makes me burst with happiness, every time! It’s just so crazy.

Last night I journaled for hours – I write in a word doc because my fingers can better keep up with my brain – and when I finished, I had a wave of exhaustion, went to bed at 915 and slept 11 hours. I think it was a combo of lots of walking, plus the emotional release of getting SO much out of my brain and down onto paper.

When we write ‘it’ down, we are less likely to be mentally repeating and rehearsing. That slows us down and saps our energy. I hope that you will write your stuff down, too


I am starting a new round of Wild Tenderness paintings today – I have been SO excited to do so, but working on several other paintings. Keep an eye on my Instagram Stories to see them progress!

See the first part of the Wild Tenderness Collection, released January 30. I have prints available of all the paintings that have sold.

While creating the first paintings, I felt like I was building a storybook – a labor of love through pictures and words. Each little face had a personality to share with me. They each have a message to share and they each come straight from my heart.

For this next part of the collection, I’m envisioning a giraffe, a koala, a mama cat… a whale, a monkey, a great blue heron, and perhaps an elephant… We will just have to see!

I don’t have anything to show yet, But I’ll show you the final available painting from the previous round of Wild Tenderness. From A Place Of Peace. She’s last, but not least Click on the image to read her story!

In a colorful world of warmth, we witness the nurturing and acceptance of a mother who looks out for every child. We can all feel tenderness for any child, as though they were our own. Keeping our eyes open, dissolving separation. She is a mother to any who need the peace that she provides. She is asking nothing in return (except kindness).


THANK YOU to those who have patronized my little online shop, you are supporting MY little family, and I’m so grateful.

Please keep doing what you are doing, giving what you are giving, loving how you are loving. I love that you find your special gifts for mom friends, your best friend gifts, and gifts for mothers and aunts in my online store. I'm honored.

Thank you for reading. Have a wonderful week’s end.
Stay safe, stay sane, stay healthy.

Love & Sincerely, Katie

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