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Silent Story Update - last day for LE Print


silent story, breakup artwork, breakup book, emotional artwork, friendship break-up, friendship book

Today is the FINAL DAY to pre-order Silent Story for $50 which includes a Limited Edition Signed 5x7 print (a $25 value) of the final page of the book.


Starting Wednesday, Silent Story books will be $44 each & DO NOT include a print. Limited Edition Signed 5x7 signed prints of the final page of the book will no longer be available.


Pre-order your book here, if you want
the limited edition signed print in your package


EU or UK delivery?
Pre-order your book here


On Friday I spoke with my printer, Steve, whom I’ve been working with for almost 20 years. We have been maneuvering through a pandemic-related paper shortage over the last month but have now nailed down a coated satin paper stock for the inside of the book. A stock that IS available and is SO beautiful.


The Silent Story book is ready for printing, you can see an excerpt here. A lot of pages are blocked to maintain the sacredness of the finished book being in YOUR hands. But it is still fun to see and hear the ‘swish’ of the pages turning!

I have set the book's official retail price at $44. Everyone who purchased a book for $50 will receive a Limited Edition Signed Print of the final page of the book (value $25).

I turn 44 years on May 15 and intend to have the book in my hands right around that time. It seems fitting to price the book at $44. That number feels full of possibility to me. I think The Seeker would approve 😊 we are ahead of our June shipping goal, so far.

I have been missing painting The Seeker. Over the last year I have concepted at least two more books that could contain this character and fall into an A Silent Story book series. You’ll want to be on my email list to hear more as time goes by.

I have all packing supplies for shipping paintings and books and am getting original Silent Story paintings ready to ship this week.

►►Do you want an original painting from the book? Email back – original paintings are still available.

Always let me know if you have any questions!

Thank you for your continued reviews, feedback and support! ♥♥


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