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Silent Story Kickstarter starts NOW!

View the page devoted to A Silent Story


The Silent Story Kickstarter starts NOW!! Holee Moleee!

This art book is 2.5 years in the making and I’ve been telling you about it for over TWO YEARS!

View the Kickstarter,
and learn more about the book

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Did you pre-order your Silent Story book earlier through my shop? If so, THANK YOU so much! You gifted me with an early faith that has been so appreciated.


There is STILL a Kickstarter level for YOU, if you are interested. On the Kickstarter page, you can choose a Limited Edition enamel Seeker pin (omg I love them!), an original painting from the book, or even another book to gift to someone you love!


EU & UK buyers: pre-order your copy of Silent Story through my Etsy shop. Kickstarter doesn't collect VAT taxes, but Etsy does! Countries in the EU & UK require that to happen :)




There is an option in the Kickstarter to choose Original Artwork from the Silent Story Book. Those who purchase Original Silent Story paintings in the Kickstarter get to choose their painting on a first come-first served basis. Contact me directly after you've chosen this backing level.


Explore more about A Silent Story on the dedicated website,!


 ghosted by a friend, sadness after breakup art therapy paintings


View the Kickstarter, and learn more about the book


I have set my goal at $3000, about $800 less than is required to create this project. This is for 3 reasons:


1) if the project doesn’t fund, then the Kickstarter fails. So, I want to make the amount achievable. Plus, we can overfund, which would be amazing 😊

2) I have received pre-orders of Silent Story from my shop that will fill in any gaps in the cost to have this book produced. 

3) This is my passion project, my labor of love for the world, so I will make it happen NO MATTER WHAT. This book is going to be in your hands, if you order, without a doubt.

Thank you for helping make this book a reality. My goal is for you to see yourself in these pages, in The Seeker’s journey. May you use this book to validate your own worthy story. 


Let me know if you have any questions, and THANK YOU again!

Love & Sincerely, Katie

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