Fresh Screen Art - some bling for your screens :)

Fresh Screen Art - some bling for your screens :)


Sometimes we just need a refresh. And new (free!) art is a great way to put something beautiful in our world.

I always hope that my collectors will find peace and an echo of their own mothering and life journey in my paintings, and allow them to remind you of your tenderness, and your power to seek solitude and peace for yourself and your family.

The Open Skies Collection still dances in my heart, and I just finished a new painting for the collection yesterday, called Shimmering Memory. See her below, but in the meantime... 

Put some fresh art on your screens and see if it brings light to your day.
Fill in your info and I'll send the downloadable art right over. I'll notify you of new paintings and offers, and you can chime in or speak up if you have any questions or ideas. 

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