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I am honored to receive a monthly update from Jurgen Wolff ~ it is one of few emails that I actually read and re-read, vs. toss. Here is what I felt most inspired by from Jurgen’s most recent note:

What’s your “Rocket Fuel”?
©Jurgen Wolff,


Do you sometimes find it hard to get started? One simple and useful tool is what I call our “rocket fuel” word or phrase. It uses the power of association to fire up your motivation.


Here’s how it works:


(1) Think of something you’d really like to achieve. For an example let’s use reaching your ideal weight.


(2) Pick a word or phrase that represents this goal. Choose something that has a bit of oomph. For instance, rather than “ideal weight” you might go for “lean and powerful” or “fit and fabulous.” You won’t be saying this out loud and nobody else has to know what it is, so feel free to choose anything you like.


(3) While thinking of the word or phrase, vividly imagine how you’ll look, feel, and sound when you’ve achieved the goal. With the weight goal you might imagine yourself looking in the mirror and seeing the trim, healthy, energetic version of yourself and feeling proud and excited about it. You might imagine the compliments you’ll hear, and the energy you’ll feel. Repeat your word or phrase several times in your mind as you do this. Repeat this exercise at least a couple of times a day for a week.


(4) When you’re feeling sluggish–for instance, in the morning when you’ve promised yourself you’d get up and take a walk but you’re feeling tempted to stay in bed–say the word in your mind. All of the positive associations you’ve built up in your visualizations will come rushing into your mind and help you get out of bed. Also use it at decision points: to eat that piece of cake or not to? Mentally saying the word or phrase will help you make the decision that’s consistent with your goal.


ACTION: Choose your own “rocket fuel” word or phrase and put the power of this technique to work for you.

above text: ©Jurgen Wolff,

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