Revolution ~ revolutionized!

It happens sometimes, that paintings are released and then later let me know in some way that they are not quite finished. They call to me. When they hang on the wall in the studio, they catch my eye and I stand back, squinting and contemplating, then realizing. This is a lovely sign of growth.

They ask for new colors, or imply that they are annoyed with some facet of themselves. This is precisely what happened with Revolution. She was completed mid-2012 for the Saving Motherhood Collector’s Circle, session 1 ~ and it was December when I realized I’d better listen. I took her from the site, the shop and the wall, and set her aside to tell me what she wanted. An adjustment in tone, and fewer eyelashes that was what Revolution asked for.

I’m honored to release the new Revolution!

Revolution by Katie m. Berggren

Revolution by Katie m. Berggren


She pleases me, and the figures smile in a different way ~ they are happier and there is more peace evolving around this piece. I’m so glad I listened

The Original painting, rich and textured and with a story to tell, of Revolution is available right here ~ ready to ship all over the world. And archival prints with three sizes to choose from, are here.

Have a wonderful day!

Love & Sincerely, Katie

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