We often know what we love to do and what we are meant to do, but sometimes we need a break and to set something aside for awhile can be a very good thing. This painting, Purity, started beautifully, but then stalled. She just didn’t seem to want to move forward. Her form is inspired by another recent painting, and I wondered if maybe the composition was too fresh in my mind. I needed to stop. The alternative would have been to force the brush, force the lines and the swaths of color, and thus resulting in a forced painting. The emotion was there, it was just hiding.

Purity by Katie m. Berggren

Purity by Katie m. Berggren

Purity sat and waited patiently for a couple of months while I feverishly worked on other paintings ~ their emotion, passion and color flowing effortlessly. When she was ready, she let me know and I gently set her onto the easel. Lo and behold, the paint flowed, I fell in love with her skin and her surface, the colors in her hair and the baby’s little round face. All at once I couldn’t stop and now she is complete, she (the original painting) has her new home, and I love her. Waiting is good. Forcing is bad.


Purity now lives with Edna of Smart Skin Solutions ~ Edna works out of Posh Skin & Hair in Hazel Dell Washington and with her kind and loving hands, Edna works magic. She imparts love and care into the skin of her clients.

Thank you Edna, and thank you to all who have already fallen in love with Purity.

If this painting touches you, I invite you to snag a print for yourself, right here.

Love & Sincerely, Katie


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