Protection & Reassurance



Protection by Katie m. Berggren, original painting available

Protection by Katie m. Berggren

It occurs to me, as I am a mama who wears her sun hat more often than not throughout the sunny months of the year, that there is a double-meaning in this lovely blue hat that I purchased on my honeymoon in Maui.

It occurs to me that the idea of the sun hat, protecting our skin, shading our eyes and more or less guarding us from most of the elements around us, is a metaphor for the internal positive frame of mind.

When we have our hat on, the sun doesn’t get to us, the rain stays out of our eyes, and our head is shaded. We are even protected from the wind.

When we have our own internal positive mindset on, other folks’ drama doesn’t get to us, the stress stays out of our eyes, and our head is more clear. We are even protected from daily struggles.

I love this metaphor, it is perfect for me because I have seen the power of outer stress and the urge for drama disappear when I remain centered in my own clear head.

A recent painting, Protection helps to illustrate these feelings.





Have a wonderful day,

Love & Sincerely, Katie

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