Promise ~ the new 40×30 painting ~ to be featured tomorrow at the Pink Power event

40×30″, $895
©2010. Katie m. Berggren
From the Artist, about the Painting:
As I worked on this painting, the more it became about the mother protecting the older child, vs. protecting the baby or toddler: the more easily sheltered. Watching over the school age child as he goes out into the world. Beginning his school years; tucked into the day to day, 6-hours-a-day, 5-days-a-week schedule. He is removed from his family and his mama, vulnerable to all that is out there.
When I watch my six year old sleep, I sometimes cry ~ wondering the thoughts that he thinks – he is so smart. I wonder if inside he is confused, wondering how I could have always been there, and then all of the sudden send him off for six hours a day. He is a bright star, a sensitive, emotional, talented and change-the-world kind of boy.

What does “getting used to” the way-it-is mean? As our children start to see us less and less do they start to wonder more and more our priorities? Here is a promise I silently make to my sleeping and growing child:

I promise to everyday look into your face ~ into your eyes ~ to read your story. To take each day 15 minutes at a time and never assume that all is well unless you tell me it is so. I promise to listen, I promise to share. I promise to be there for you as we discover your route into this world of possibilities.

This painting will be featured at:

Thursday, September 23: 530-930pm
Pink Power: It’s Vegas Baby!

This one-of-a-kind Pink Power event will help complete and equip the new Holtzman Twins Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Southwest Washington Medical Center (Vancouver, WA).
To get involved or buy your tickets to this event, please call 360.514.3106

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