Potential ~ Set Me Free ~ Art & Wine Fair this weekend

English Estate Winery Art & Wine Fair
Camas/Vancouver WA ~ July 11 & 12
I will have an outdoor booth with original paintings, prints & pendants, I’d love to meet/see you there!
I have been thinking a lot about potential over the last few weeks… Do you know what your potential is? What is mine?
Have you ever experienced a day where you reached your full potential? Have I? I wonder…
Probably the day(s) we gave birth
I wonder about wasting potential. Does it wait for us? What happens if we don’t realize it? Is potential what the universe implants into our souls when we arrive here? Is our own potential what we are truly afraid of: that we will discover what our potential requires of us and be unable to accomplish it? What do you think?
Because it is Thursday I have a new original MINI painting to share!
I have been releasing mini original paintings on Thursdays for about SIX YEARS! ~ it’s a joy to have a mini in process each week ~ a little emotion, a little gift. I present my original mini painting via email each Thursday morning but you can get sneak peeks and chances to grab them early on my Facebook page ~ I am also, always, creating larger original paintings to offer in the Online Studio Shop, as well as commissioned custom paintings for clients (pre-sold).
This new mini original painting is titled Set Me Free, and she is a 10×10″ original one-of-a-kind painting on canvas ~ this piece has SOLD, find prints of her here.
Sweet wings of freedom and joy, a quick fluttery visit
to silently adore the tiny miracle.
Set Me Free by Katie m. Berggren

Set Me Free by Katie m. Berggren

Thank you for everything, have a WONDERFUL day! Wanna chat live on Facebook? I’ll see you there.


Love & Sincerely, Katie

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