artwork for charity, motherhood art, grandma art, art to benefit charitable organizations, art for moms

Painting On Purpose - The Inspiration Behind...

artwork for charity, motherhood art, grandma art, art to benefit charitable organizations, art for moms



Since 2015, Painting On Purpose has allowed me to give $7216 to 9 different organizations that make a positive impact on the lives of mothers and children.

I began Painting On Purpose in 2015, inspired by my sweet Grandma Neva who turned 92 on the release of the first painting, and will be 101 YEARS OLD when the 2024 POP painting is released. I wanted her name to be attached to something lasting, and to honor her creativity and generosity. She loves this project.


artwork for charity, motherhood art, grandma art, art to benefit charitable organizations, art for moms


The PURPOSE for this project is to give ALL of the proceeds from the sale of an original painting, each year, to an organization that benefits mothers and/or children.

►►In 2015 this project allowed me to give $704 to the NW Mothers Milk Bank in Portland, OR

►►In 2016, this project allowed me to give $455 to Food for Orphans

►►In 2017, this project allowed me to give $995 to Bridge The Gap of Clark County, supporting foster children

►►In 2018, this project allowed me to give $715 to Community Roots Collaborative, to help build homes for the homeless

►►In 2019, this project allowed me to give $1382 to Pink Lemonade Project, to provide education, support, love and friendship to breast cancer survivors

►►In 2020, this project allowed me to give $715 to Open House Ministries, to assist them in walking alongside homeless families as they rebuild their lives

►►In 2021, this project allowed me to give $895 to Friends Of The Children – PDX, who are breaking the cycle of poverty and trauma by starting with children

►►In 2022, this project allowed me to give $895 to Back To Healing, a non-profit with the mission to improve the quality of life of individuals affected by scoliosis, all over the world.This organization is close to my heart because my youngest son had spinal surgery in February of 2022.

►►In 2023, this project allowed me to give $460 to Mary’s Place in Seattle, WA. Mary’s Place has a goal that No Child Sleeps Outside.

In 2024, we will give $998 more! Organization to be announced.


artwork for charity, motherhood art, grandma art, art to benefit charitable organizations, art for moms


art for charity, kmberggren art, artist giving money to charity, organizations for mothers and children, artists giving back 

Once we choose the sketch, I’ll begin working on the painting, showing you throughout her progress. She will be released on My grandma’s 101st birthday, February 6, and 100% of all funds received for the

sale of the original painting, $998, will benefit an organization doing wonderful things for mothers and/& their children.


grandma makes hats for charity, neva conrad oregon


I remember when I first told my grandma about my POP idea in 2015. She loved it. She was honored. Now at 101 years old, it’s hard for her to remember the project, but I do notify her every year when it is happening, by sending her a letter with images of the painting. Reminding her that because of HER devotion and love over the years, and the creative urges she passed down 😊 this project is giving money straight to mothers and children.

My grandma has always lovingly and happily supported me being an artist. She thinks it is so fantastic that someone can make a living creating art. She is, of course, an artist herself, though she wouldn’t admit to it. Her medium is varied: carved eggs, paintings, clay, acorn crafts… as a child, we spent hours around the table creating together.

The Painting On Purpose Project and the ability to support others with my paintings, is in honor of my grandma. At almost 101 years of age, she still creates handmade hats that she and I donate in the communities, and I estimate she’s made and given over 700 hats.


Thank you for following along!
Love & Sincerely, Katie

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