Pondering Schedules & Focus ~ Whoops! Free Cards Friday ~ on Saturday!

This weekend is going to be bright ~ my boys completed their first (1/2) week of school, and this weekend we get to hang out as a family. And accomplish great things.
Or not (see image below).

One To One, motherhood painting by Katie m. Berggren, featuring family bed, co-sleepingOne to One
10×10, $120
©2010. KmBerggren

A recent ponderism: Schedules and Focus. I’m creating a list of Focus Items – items/tasks (such as specific research, communication, organization) I can focus on for a series of days while the kids are at school (I will have 2 hours alone, 3 days a week) – a way to stay on task and get some goals accomplished vs flying around like a multi-tasking freak-a-zoid….

I also have a schedule posted to my desk that reminds me that time is money – so don’t waste it – reminding me to get on the computer to respond to folks, then get off and back to creating/packing orders/learning.

I shared this on Facebook and received some great ideas from some other mama’s that are clearly focused and organized as well. I shared my schedule on the Etsy (with other sellers) and was SHOCKED to discover how many shop owners responded that they do NOT have a schedule. They flow freely throughout the day and some admit to getting not much done.

What about you? Do you keep a schedule for yourself? Or maybe, you are not prone to getting sucked into the Internet. Do you give yourself time allotments for social media and online research? At the end of the day do you wonder where all of the time went? Do your kids think you are glued to your computer chair?

It’s Free Cards Friday! (errr, on Saturday) Comment on THIS blog post (here at the blog or on the Facebook page) throughout the weekend and be in the running to win some cards ~ I’ll choose the winner on Monday.

The season is changing here – having trouble deciding whether to be Summer or Fall.

Wishing you a day and weekend full of possibilities

Love & Sincerely ~ Katie

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