People’s Food Cooperative ~ yes! Love in a Grocery Store

I truly believe our actions come when they are called… we build interest throughout the required amount of time, then take action when the time is right.
Personally, I love natural foods, organic veggies, and rows of earthy packaging. This tells me that the person in me who loves to cook is coming, at some point. I currently do not pride myself on my cooking skills, but I cook healthy, naturally, and simply ~ and I know that my interests and skills are building for some reason. For some day in the future when it all takes off!

I’ve always loved photographing grocery stores (even in Sweden, see the video here!) and as a younger child I always thought I would become a food label illustrator someday. One of my first jobs required that I sit in the pantry during my breaks (indeed I sought out silence there) and I would marvel over the beautiful can labels.

During my design program at Central Washington University, I gave it a shot ~ but I don’t think that is, in the end, what I am meant to do with my art ~ though I still love illustrations of food, and photographs of grocery stores and markets.

A wall of organic produce can literally bring me to my knees with excitement ~ I found this at the People’s Food Coop in Portland, Oregon. See above ~ isn’t it gorgeous?!

The People’s Food Coop instantly caught my eye with its earthy exterior and, of course, the name. Not to mention the “Natural Foods” signs hung outside ~ I was emotionally pulled to park and go in.

I was so proud to see the products of my friends at Muddy H2O on the shelves. I remember when Gabriela and Heidi first came up with the name of their business ~ and being there to help them design their first labels, and their first website. They have taken Muddy H2O to new heights, and I am infinitely proud of that little company.

You can take a look at Muddy H2O’s wonderful face and body products on their website:
I use their Matcha and Chocolate facial masks and I love them!

My littlest boy jumped into my arms ~ and truly ~ the highlight of my day (and probably of my week) was carrying him around the store, looking at all the veggies and packages, whispering close to his ear and listening to his talk, too. The intimacy was beautiful and heart-warming.
…and in a grocery store, no less!!
This experience with my little one has even inspired a painting ~ currently in sketch stage ~ titled “To Hear & See You Better” ~ with a mama holding her big-little child on her hip, cheek to cheek.

Well, there you have it ~ probably more than you needed to know about me and my fascination with food packaging and display.


For the last Pay It Forward opportunity, is Suzanne, here are her words:
Suzanne said…
I’ve just recently begun training as a doula and, in thinking about how my business will take shape, I’ve decided that I’ll be offering free doula services to low-income mothers, military wives, and teen moms. All birthing women deserve support during what amounts to the most important thing they’ll ever do in their lives, and I wouldn’t be doing my practice any sort of justice if I didn’t honor that tradition for those who most need it.

Thank you Suzanne ~ more power to you,

Have a wonderful week’s end!

Love & Sincerely, Katie

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