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You might remember me talking about Peace On Earth a few weeks back, how I devour my books with pen in hand and sometimes draw in the margins when the mood strikes… well, she is now complete. I shared this painting in process on Facebook last week, and she was immediately claimed – if you ever see a piece you want, please reach out to me, and I’ll tell you if the piece is available. If you want a print of Peace On Earth, just email me at Katie(at)KmBerggren(dot)com.

Peace On Earth… now is the time. It can’t NOT be the time, because Peace On Earth begins at home… and we really need that NOW.

Peace On Earth by Katie m. Berggren -
Peace On Earth By Katie m. Berggren


In 2018 I created the artwork for Carry You With Me, written by Alanna Knobben. And in 2019 I created the artwork for The Healing You Can Do, written by Meghan Hindi. Two beautiful books, two beautiful-inside-and-out women.

I remember that during the long process of creation, I would text/email them quick sketches for the manuscripts. Little ideas, details, almost-finished artwork… and I’d get little notes back like: “OMG, I love it!!” “Maybe try this…” “WOW!!” “What if we make her…” “This is GORGEOUS!!”

It was a rush, a creative rush. And a friendship rush, too! To be on the same page with another creative soul was divine.

Over the last couple months, Meghan & Alanna & I have been doing it again – on a smaller scale They’ve been sending me poetic phrases, sentiments and sweet lyrics, and I’ve been using their words as inspiration for my drawings.

We decided to make these Free Downloadable Coloring Pages – because that is something all three of us can GIVE right now – our creativity. Our love, our hope, our time, our positive intentions. So, here you go:

free motherhood coloring pages from Katie m. Berggren


I have a new free gift for you, too – this week’s free print is Wings Of A Dream.

I’m happy to get responses from buyers who love their prints and paintings, please tag me in your social posts when you show your prints, paintings, pendants, t-shirts

And I will share your photos to my stories! (Instagram: @KmBerggrenArt ~ Facebook: @KmBerggrenFanPage) I’m honored, I’m humbled, thank you so much.


Just a little reminder of the video interview with Julia of Joyful Connections… want to see into my mind/studio/heart a bit? Watch the interview here. I talk in depth about my feelings for my new original painting Our Love Runs Deep.

Stay safe, stay sane, stay healthy.

Love & Sincerely, Katie

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