Original Bird & Butterfly Chunky Mini Paintings ~ Maid Mommy

Lately I’ve been feeling the crunch… pressed between household duties and business duties… I try to keep my priorities in mind (health, family, taking care of my clients and collectors…), and that helps.

One trick I fall back on? Sometimes I magically become Maid Mommy (she arrives as my tireless alter-ego) ~ then furiously clean up, toss, put away, wipe down… as quick as I can. This is how I do it: I turn off myself as a busy artist, wife and mother, and I think about music and friends and hum along to the songs in my head. I scrub and clean, vacuum and dust ~ clear minded and in the present moment ~ but thinking happy thoughts. Muscle memory takes care of the rest. 15-90 minutes later ~ *snap!* ~ I’m back to being me, my just-done hard work is completely out of my mind. I’m back to being myself and so (*wow, how nice!*) thankful for my clean home. A very nice gift to myself and my family.

What do YOU do to stay on top of it all? Do you get outside help, inside help? Do your children contribute to the cleanliness and orderliness of the home (in a positive way I mean!)?


This week I have TWO chunky original 4×4″ paintings… these have always been a fan-fave. They hang out so beautifully on shelves and tables, but also hang directly on a nail as a lovely little element to remind us of why we work so hard… a little sparkle of love and energy where we need it most. PERFECT for when you are running short of wall space

These new pieces are called Free Heart and Clear Heart (last week’s painting was called Deep Heart… geesh

And these new original mini paintings (finished only a couple hours ago!) are both Available! They are GORGEOUS as sisters, hanging together, but they are available separately in case only one of them grabs your heart. They are $55 each, plus shipping. Make them yours, right here (while they last)! (note: both children have blue eyes, but an eye color change is not a big deal if requested after purchasing)

Free Heart AND Clear Heart original chunky 4x4" paintings by Katie m. Berggren, www.Shop.KmBerggren.com

Free Heart by Katie m. Berggren, www.Shop.KmBerggren.com
Clear Heart by Katie m. Berggren, www.Shop.KmBerggren.com

Thank you for everything, have a WONDERFUL day. Wanna chat live on Facebook? I’ll see you there.

Love & Sincerely, Katie


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