beach art, woman on beach painting, woman looking out to sea art, peaceful silent art by kmberggren


beach art, woman on beach painting, woman looking out to sea art, peaceful silent art by kmberggren


Every room of the house holds many tasks for us. Everywhere I go I see something I need to do/handle/clean… and that is frustrating. But when I lock into the space in front of my easel, the focus and time feels so extraordinary that I forget about all else. Where/when does that happen for you?


When I fall into a painting, every other task falls away.


It takes effort to get there, to our special places. We must surrender. Release all the chores and the duties, the other places that need us. The to-do list. The calendar. The crumbs. The junk mail. The shoes piled on the rug. The clothes to fold. “Shouldn’t I bake cookies for the fam?” “How long til I need to cook dinner?” “Do I even have time to start this idea…?”


Pulling oneself over the threshold of the ‘other stuff’ and into the place where the magic happens is a tough transition, but we MUST go there. Whether that magic is the peace in our minds, or something created with our hands. We must nourish our souls and feed them with beauty and comfort.


The world is such a big place, and there are so many factors beyond our control. Let’s strive to stop, to find a safe place, to feel satisfaction for what is in front of us. Let’s feel open skylines and possibilities, but also REST.

beach art, woman on beach painting, woman looking out to sea art, peaceful silent art by kmberggren



Each new painting in my Open Skies Collection began with me needing MY space. My locked-in, leave-me-alone place and time. But they blossom into their own sources of HOPE. Rectangles of light and sky where you are welcomed, where you can feel like this world is your own. Dwell here and take a moment. Sit in peace. Breathe. Feel in control.


I spent hours in these landscapes, these worlds... now it’s your turn


Allow the Open Skies paintings to serve you, as your windows into a peaceful place where no one is asking anything of you. Just breathe.


Create a beautiful place in your home with a canvas print of your favorite painting of serenity


I have created FIVE paintings in the Open Skies Collection so far, and more are in process. You can see in process pieces in my Instagram Stories.



The newest piece in the Collection is called Together In Awe, and she is currently available!

All other originals, so far, have sold.


mother and two children on beach art, two sons beach painting, mother of two at the coast, seashore artwork, two brothers at the beach painting, gift for beach-loving mom of two



No matter the size of our physical spaces, we can get lost in the expansiveness of art


mother overlooking beach art, private alone time beach painting, solitude silence at the coast, seashore artwork, woman at the beach painting, gift for beach-loving mom



purple beach art, purple ocean painting



Above is another piece in process. Will you come along on this journey and become lost at sea with me? More paintings are coming :)


Thank you for reading. Have a wonderful week's end!

Love & Sincerely, Katie


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