💜 One Year Today... + Painting A Day Project

💜 One Year Today... + Painting A Day Project

Today is one year since my son had his spinal surgery. So many of you were incredibly kind and supportive during that time. I want to thank you ♥

My husband and I have tender memories about that vulnerable time. And Jackson looks back on the calmness, too (and missing school!), although he doesn’t remember much after they finally got the IV in. 

It was scary and stressful in the moment, but we pulled the goodness out of it then and now. And that seems like life. Coping.

To be honest, there is a piece of me that longs for that time, when we were just cozy together in the hospital, and I got to just BE with him. I did go and get food in the cafeteria, and when he slept I did some writing and drawing and checking emails, but not much. I spent most of my time just WITH him in that tiny room for those 4 days. I remember one 2-hour chunk, just sitting in the chair next to his bed holding his hand and talking with him. He was so sweet and wacky and vulnerable and honest (pain meds brought out his true side).


It felt raw and close to the bone. I/we don’t get to feel that way often enough.



Feelings of being in my element have come along this week, though. Today is the 6th day of my Painting A Day project and it has been fun seeing the response to the pieces. I’ve been painting every day (like usual) and releasing each morning at 930am PST. Right here. Creating these paintings has given me many moments of bliss ♥


Some of these pieces have been real favorites of mine. Especially the piece released today: Still Growing. (if she's for you, write me back!)


It’s Valentine’s Day. May you be your own dearest love. Because without the correct and adequately appreciated workings of your own heart and soul, nothing else can come together. 


We are all still growing, so despite how you feel about your body today or yesterday, trust that you will move forward in grace, moment by moment. Listen to your body, how does it respond to what you eat and what you say or think? Listen. Keep growing. You are tremendously loved.



I’m not emailing out these pieces each day, because I respect your inbox capacity, so you’ll have to visit them each day at 930am PST on my Facebook page. I’m also posting to my Instagram page.


$10 from each painting purchase goes to the organization of the buyer's choice.


You can private message me to purchase, however is best for you, if you see one you want, and it is still available. 


There is one piece still available as of this moment, Expectations 2. She is a 4x4 inch painting on paper, $40 + $6 shipping. Message me to own her, she is not in my shop.


Thank you for reading. Have a wonderful day!
Stay safe, stay sane, stay healthy.

Love & Sincerely, Katie


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