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I was scrolling through some old painting files the other day, looking for a specific early piece and I came across a painting I had created 8 years ago called Nourish (February 2007). And I was hit right across the heart!! I deeply FELT her. I don’t remember the exact moments of her creation, 8 years ago, but I did remember that she existed. And I love her pose.

Digging a bit more I realize I had re-created her 9 months later (Nourish 2, November 2007). Obviously the original intention whacked me across the heart back then, too… probably because I spent a lot of time in that pose

Nourish & Nourish 2 by Katie m. Berggren

I instantly knew I had to recreate that feeling again, this week. SO I did! I have named her Star Light and I finished her yesterday (this original painting has sold, see details below). Funny, the mama who chose her sent me a message on Facebook to say she had to have the painting because whenever she saw the image she felt a ‘hit’ right in her heart. Amazing.

Star Light by Katie m. Berggren

Star Light by Katie m. Berggren


I have to do it again, too (til she’s out of my system), so I’m working on a larger, narrow, version today. Here is a sneak peek. It’s funny, because when I was at the craft store a week ago, I saw this canvas (sized 12×24”) and there again was that whack across the heart… I knew I had to create something on a canvas this size/shape. So I bought two I will continue to share progress shots of this piece on Facebook and Instagram.

painting in process by Katie m. Berggren

painting in process by Katie m. Berggren



Star Light is this week’s new original mini painting ~ she is #110 in the Everyday Connection Collection and I have decided she will be the last painting in the ECC. That doesn’t mean that I’m done creating a new mini every week, they just won’t be a part of this collection. 110 paintings in one collection is good, I think this is my largest collection ever.


Star Light, the original painting has SOLD, because a mama who saw her on Facebook (before she was completely done) asked to claim her. YOU can do this too… if you ever see a piece in process (I post on Facebook and Instagram) and feel a connection, don’t hesitate to ask if you can snag her. I’ll let you know if someone else has already done so, or if the piece is a commissioned piece.


First Come First Served is how it has to be with these mini original paintings


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Thank you for everything, have a WONDERFUL day. Wanna chat live on Facebook? I’ll see you there.

Love & Sincerely, Katie



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