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Mindful Mothering Project, painting #20 begins now! 

I’ve chosen the photo for my next Mindful Mothering Project painting ~ this photo was submitted by Kathryn, along with these beautiful words:

“Adoption is both the most beautiful, and most tragic, event in motherhood – for both the mama saying goodbye and the one saying hello. I truly believe Natasha is the strongest woman I know to be able to make such a painful choice: She broke her own heart for the sake of her child. That, to me, is mindful motherhood in its deepest, hardest form.” ~ Kathryn
Read Kathryn’s Adoption Story.

This new painting will celebrate the brief moment a child belongs to two mothers… gently passed between birth mother and adoptive mother.

Watch my Instagram & Facebook Stories for progress of this painting as she is created. Kathryn and Natasha will each receive a free 12×12” print of the finished painting. Learn More and/or Submit YOUR photo.


Dance Of Life ~ New Mermaid Painting!

She danced right into my inspiration zone and due to the stories I’ve been told by expectant mamas who swim with dolphins, I knew right away some fancy fish needed to join her – to protect the baby tucked inside. This original painting has SOLD and prints (paper and canvas!) are available here.

If you are a regular on Instagram &/or Facebook – you’ve seen the newest painting, Dance Of Life, in full bloom! I filmed her from first sketch clear through to completion (bits here and there) and you can watch her progress in 3 minutes here:


The brand new Motherhood Tee Shirts are ready! I received my samples, I’ve wash-tested them, I’ve worn them and I love them. Now, YOU can get one! They are available in THREE different styles and several colors! In sizes XS to 3X. Let me know if you have any questions

Here is beautiful Chelsea, showing off hers Thank you for sharing, Chelsea!!

INTERNATIONAL ORDERS: There are a few countries that the Represent shop will NOT ship to. If you live in one of these countries, I’ll buy shirts for you and send them to you. Just let me know

And here is my little “commercial” filmed by my 13 year old son. He is a zany boy, and he certainly makes me smile. If you heard the audio of these clips you would hear: “please, baby, just take the photo so we can be done!” coming from me, as he took on true photographer form and went to town behind the camera

Let me know if you have any questions. I hope you have a WONDERFUL week’s end!

Love & Sincerely, Katie

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