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I sometimes feel that I’m only “working” if I’m at the computer. There is plenty to do at the computer, but do I want to practice and excel at painting? Or computer-ing? What do you want to excel at? It is often clear where a majority of our time should be spent.

Do you feel like you are officially “working” only if you are plunked in your computer chair? But maybe you aren’t… Just like me, maybe you are finding reasons for your body to stay at rest, when really it should move around and do the next thing

I remind myself often that PAINTING IS QUEEN! I even painted this on my wall once. At the easel is where I’m the happiest. Practice leads to better artwork and better paintings lead to everything else: good products like pendants, prints and calendars and thus: happy collectors.

Seems so obvious.

I do love to see my paintings printed mindfully on products. Useable or wearable.

glass art motherhood and nature pendants from the Wild Tenderness Collection by Katie m. Berggren


I also have a new free coloring page for you. This is the last one for now. You can get all 9 Free Downloadable Coloring Pages here.

free downloadable coloring pages from motherhood artist, Katie m. Berggren


THANK YOU to those who have purchased from my Online Studio Shop, you are supporting MY little family, and I’m so grateful!

This week’s gift is an archival and signed 5×7 inch print of Crush (an $18 value). Don’t forget to put KMBWEEKLY in the promo code box at checkout, so that you get yours with orders of $39+.

Thank you for reading. Have a wonderful week’s end.
Stay safe, stay sane, stay healthy.
Love & Sincerely, Katie

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