New 8×8 Paintings – New Gallery!

Good Morning!
Introducing two new 8x8s, Swing #2 and June!

Also introducing my new gallery, Love Art! Gallery, located in a renovated historic house in the heart of Sellwood’s shopping district in Portland, Oregon.
This stunning gallery is a family creation by Ruby Campbell, Ted Newton, daughter Heather Love, with husband Christopher Love and little Corina & Rhiannon Love.
The gallery hosts the finest local artists in a delightful setting ~ presenting paintings, sculpture, jewelry, glass, mosaics, pottery, photography… an eclectic selection of awesome artists, personally and professionally.
Come share the JOY! Grand Opening: June 5th, 6pm-8pm.8036 SE 13th Ave. (Corner of 13th and Spokane)503-954-2656 –
Have a great day!
Thank you!

Love & Sincerely,Katie

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