New 8×8 Motherhood Paintings – 3 Little Paintings with Big Titles!

Good morning! Can you believe we are almost half-way to 85?

Do you wonder what makes a great gift for mom? Help her to start a collection of meaningful artwork that warms her heart - or add to her existing art collection!

I have just this moment released three new 8×8 paintings – (top to bottom) Close To Me, The Color Of The Sky, and Watching You Sleep ~ 3 little paintings with big titles! Find original mother child artwork paintings here!

I was recently enticed to explain the purpose of the 8×8 Collection, so I have been thinking about why this journey is and has been important to me:

One thing I love about this collection of 8×8 paintings is the Freedom – the ability (due to their size) to change an entire facial expression with one touch of a painted brush.

Another: the Rawness – unnecessary refining and pickiness doesn’t apply to this vulnerable collection (due to their honesty), and that makes them more real to me.

Another: the Spontaneity (due to their timeline) – the urge to completely follow my heart, and to do so, going with what feels right.

I look at these paintings as tiny moments; essences; specs of time ~ sketches of an instant in a day in the life of a mother.

Knowing that I’m creating these paintings and mothers and fathers are connecting with them is the icing ~ knowing that viewers and collectors get what I’m trying to say and accept me, and these paintings, for their free, spontaneous rawness.

I sincerely thank you for that.

Have a great day! Love & Sincerely, Katie

Find original mother child artwork paintings here!

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