Mutual ~ a gift of a painting for Tracey

Note: this piece was created in 2012, but I wanted to wait to share it until it had been given as a Christmas gift.

I am honored to have recently had the chance to create Mutual as a gift for Tracey, from her loving husband, Kelly.

Kelly and Tracey are parents focused on Natural Parenting and Attachment Parenting. They have a wonderfully connected relationship with their two children with whom they co-sleep and babywear. The idea for Mutual certainly sprang into mind when considering creating a piece for Tracey showing their family co-sleeping. The four figures tucked effortlessly together creating a knot of love.

Mutual by Katie m. Berggren

Mutual love, mutual connection and mutual respect. Mutually taking responsibility for raising whole and kind children. This was the inspiration behind Mutual.

Enjoy! And I hope you enjoy your gift, Tracey.

If this painting touches you, I invite you to snag a print (even a canvas print!) for yourself, right here.

Love & Sincerely, Katie

Katie m. Berggren ~ could this moment be yours?

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