Mom Guilt

Posting this on Facebook/Instagram last week lost me many followers! That made me feel confused but now it seems hilarious to me… we all deal with Mom Guilt, but we don’t all want to look it in the face

I had a LOT of people very thankful for this image, too, and that reminds me that I’m not the only one battling this beast. I’m not alone.

MOM GUILT: He’ll come at any time to terrorize us… a couple nights ago Mom Guilt reached for me as I tried to sleep, attempting to suffocate me in my bed. He is a beast that makes us second guess our choices and desires… and this is how I picture him:

My intention was to give you a “face” for this guy – a visual representation of that sucker who can take our totally productive working-cleaning-painting-scrapbooking-shopping-friendtime-resting-caretaking-healing-planning-driving day and make us feel horrible about it.

If we were doing things for our homes, our friends, our future, our businesses, our selves… that means we were NOT actively involved with our kids every second of the day… geesh. Sometimes it seems like we just can’t win.

Please take care of you ~ and if this illustration makes you uncomfortable, I apologize. But I also encourage you to reach out to other mothers when you are feeling suffocated and overwhelmed ~ YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

Love & Sincerely, Katie

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