Mindful Mothering Project update ~ Storing Lettuce Heads (seriously, ha ha!)

Last week I started the 19th painting in the Mindful Mothering Project (MMP). The MMP invites you to submit photos that may inspire a brand new painting. Interested? Share your moments, this is an ongoing adventure, no deadline. 

The mama whose photo is chosen gets a free 12×12″ print of the finished piece. 

The photo that inspired me this time was submitted by Heather – it was an immediate connection! I am in love with this painting so far, the process has been divine, and she’s ALMOST complete.  

Here is the newest shot of the painting (and some progress shots):Mindful Mothering Project, painting in process by Katie m. Berggren

Mindful Mothering Project, painting in process by Katie m. Berggren

I’ve posted a lot of her progress on Instagram Stories. I’ve been contemplating her name for DAYS!! It’ll come to me! Then I’ll tell you on Facebook and Instagram Not sure how to access Instagram Stories? On your phone, inside the IG app, make sure you are following me (@KmBerggrenart), then…


This week I do NOT have a new Kindred Collection painting (MMP has been my priority!), but several mini original paintings are still available and ready-to-ship as a perfect gift for a mother, midwife, doula, wife, daughter, sister or best mama friend  

You can see all of my available paintings here. Some are featured below. Click them to see more photos.

Hearts In A Line new original 8x8" painting on canvas by Katie m. Berggren

Manifest, original painting on canvas by Katie m. Berggren

Hold Your People Close - new original painting from Katie m. Berggren

Belonging - new painting from Katie m. Berggren, shop.KmBerggren.com

Clear Mind, new original painting by Katie m. Berggren

Here’s my natural goodie for the week: Storing Lettuce!  

We eat a LOT of heads of lettuce around here; green, red, romaine and purple romaine (which is the BEST!)… YUM. But I struggle with keeping it fresh (I buy 3-4 heads at a time) in the fridge. Keeping the heads in cloth mesh bags (that I use for bagging produce at the store) does NOT work – they get wilty and stick to the drawer   

But I’ve found these hemp bags (Hands On Hemp). You get them wet and store your greens in them… they work! I had reverted back to plastic for a couple months, for lettuce, just to keep it fresh in the fridge. But this is so much better!! The lettuce heads last up to 5 or 6 days in the wet bag (re-wet as needed). I wash the lettuce as I need it, not in advance (I think they lose nutrients if washed early). 

And we all know we should be angling away from plastic, anyway. 

I now have two bags, one that is wet in the fridge full of goodness (it holds three nice sized heads of lettuce), and one that is washed and on hand for the next batch. I throw the wet one in the laundry and use the dry one each time I come home from shopping. Hope this helps you!

Thank you for everything, have a WONDERFUL weekend. Wanna chat live on Facebook? I’ll see you there.

Love & Sincerely, Katie

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