March Meet The Maker 2019 ~ Sugar

March Meet The Maker 2019 is going strong over on Instagram. Today I posted the 14th entry (How I Learned ~ where I post some of my paintings from high school!) – here are some of my favorites so far this month:


**** A Personal Moment ****

When I was between 10-13 or so, I my great friend and I would ride our bikes to the little Minit Mart with pockets full of change. There we would buy Charleston Chews, Bit O’ Honey, Tootsie Pops, Jolly Ranchers – and other junkie things, including colored sugar-water with fun names.

We’d ride our bikes around, enjoying our sweets and contemplating boys, school and diabetes… I remember saying that I kinda wished I was allergic to sugar, because then I would know that I couldn’t have it and I wouldn’t have it. I must’ve ‘felt’ something all the way back then. (I actually believe we intuitively know what we shouldn’t eat)

Now I’m 40 and have been on a food journey for many years, discovering what it is that leaves me inflamed. Cane sugar was kicked out years ago – and if I have some now, I DO feel it.

I’ve played with so many elimination diets, trying to feel the best I can. And sugar is ALWAYS off the table – and I’m now realizing that even maple syrup might be bothering me… this is all so insane!

Are you on one of these journeys? These journeys that challenge our temptations, digestion and mind-set? Our will-power and our inner-knowing? Geesh! I feel your pain!

I’m reading a book right now called Healthy Gut, Healthy You – and I love the way Dr. Ruscio makes the elimination and re-integration of potentially problem foods seem so easy – he really does take stress of me as I read along.

We are not failures if we fall off our plan, we are always learning.

Recently I’ve been experimenting with stevia and have had luck – it seems to work beautifully in baked muffins and cookies. Not so well in homemade chocolate where it doesn’t get baked.

What is your experience with stevia?

I’ve tried 3 brands of stevia so far and the Thrive Market brand has been THE best (the other two were ICK!!). Through and through, I’m in love with Thrive Market, anyway, so I am really not surprised My newest Thrive box arrived last night, filled with GF oats, organic hemp seeds, collagen peptides (going to try them out), toothpaste, enchilada sauce, organic raw brazil nuts… so many good things.

I recommend you give them a peek for prices, too – they have excellent prices on many things – the probiotic that I purchase for my family is $10 cheaper at Thrive Market than at my local store. Plus free shipping on orders of $49 AND free gifts! They are just so awesome.

If you decide to test them out – use this link to get 25% off your first order I’ll also get a little bonus for referring you. Thanks… and you are welcome (I’ve saved thousands of dollars by shopping with Thrive Market over the last few years)

I hope you have a great day!

Love & Sincerely, Katie

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