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Today: MamaBars Recipe

ah, the ugly, yet beautiful, yet ugly, yet delicious date.

Remember the feeling of looking into the grocery cart, then looking at the grocery store receipt and wondering where the money went? Boxed/packaged snacks are spendy! Plus, they are loaded with sugar. In my urge to make a more efficient grocery budget and create down-home snacks for the fam, I stumbled across this recipe. I, of course, edited it to my liking, randomly, but have shared the general idea with you here. Have a great time, and let us know your results and alterations!

Here is a recipe for what my friends and I just started calling MamaBars ~ they were intended as a raw, healthy snack for the kiddos, to aleviate the need for packaged cookies and granola bars but we quickly realized that they are a nice dupe of LaraBars (which are totally yummy but not organic). I used almost all organic ingredients here. They are super easy and super tasty. My friend Kerri of Zen Zen Plenty rolls these into little balls then rolls them in coconut. I liked them as balls, but as bars, too, with coconut sprinkled on top.

yum yum, organic Medjool Dates.

Cut ’em up and take out their pits.

Process up approximately 2.5 cups of nuts. Here I chose a random mix of cashews, almonds & sunflower seeds.

After the nuts are nice and chopped, add the sliced dates and process further.

I added dark chocolate chips (but only a very small handful), and continued to process.

Press into dish ~ sprinkle unsweetened organic coconut on top, cover and fridge ’em up! As they chill they get firmer.

Cut into bars, store in glass or stainless steel containers. This one batch lasted us almost an entire week. My boys loved them in their lunches, at breakfast time, and as after school snacks. They were a hit and I’m already thinking of the edits I can make to change the flavor. Possibly dried cranberries? Walnuts? Peanut butter? Yah, Peanut Butter.

Enjoy Enjoy!

Love & Sincerely, Katie

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