Maid Mommy ~ Free Cards Friday

I was going to come on and ask for local advice regarding green cleaning companies. I focus best in a very clean and organized home, and sometimes life gets too busy for me to keep our home like I prefer. I have been thinking for years how nice it would be to occasionally have some help – what a treat!!

At our previous home, I hired a small company to come for 4 hours and clean ~ I was thrilled and planned to do nothing but play with my boys the whole time. I talked it up for a week. Well, two women arrived, so they cleaned for only 2 hours, and the whole experience was a big frustrating (and shocking) eye-roller. But that is a whole ‘nother story.

Last night I was feeling the crunch, and planning to ask for help. BUT THEN! I magically became Maid Mommy (who sometimes arrives as my tireless alter-ego) and furiously cleaned as a treat to my Friday morning self. This is how I do it:

I turn off myself as a busy artist, wife and mother, and I think about music and friends and hum along to the songs in my head. I scrub and clean, vacuum and dust ~ clear minded and in the present moment, but thinking happy thoughts. Muscle memory takes care of the rest.

Hours later ~ *snap!* ~ I’m back to being me, my just-done hard work completely out of my mind. Back to being a busy mama and so *wow, how nice!* thankful for my clean home. A very nice gift to myself and my family.

What do YOU do to stay on top of it all? Do you get outside help, inside help?
Do your children contribute to the cleanliness and orderliness of the home (in a positive way I mean)?

BUT, since I have you ~ DO my local friends have a recommendation for a Vancouver Washington green cleaning company? Someone who does a good thorough job without chemicals and without leaving their vacuum bag stuffed (and I do mean overflowing-stuffed) full of the germs and dust from a dozen other houses, in MY kitchen garbage can? (there is a hint from my previously shocking experience)

If you do, let me know, because Maid Mommy is sometimes VERY hard to access, no matter how desperately I will her into existence.

YAY! It’s Free Cards Friday! Add your comment to THIS blog post (here at the blog or on the Facebook page) throughout the weekend and be in the running to win some cards ~ I’ll choose the winner on Monday.

Have a great weekend,
Love & Sincerely, Katie

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