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Want to give OR get an amazing and unique one-of-a-kind Valentine’s Day gift (or Mother’s Day Gift?) ~ while knowing that 100% of your investment is going straight to enriching the lives of families in need (and in the cold)?

  • This painting is an investment in LOVE ~ the love she will bring into YOUR home, and the love YOU will bring to homeless families.
  • She is $715 ~ first come-first served, and payment plans ARE available. Contact me.
  • PLUS, you’ll gather 20 Reward Points in my Online Studio Shop with your purchase, and when you have 30 Reward Points, you’ll have a free $30 to spend in the shop.

Painting On Purpose is a project inspired by my Grandma Neva, who turns 95 TODAY!! The purpose for this project is to give ALL of the proceeds from the sale of an original painting, each year on Grandma’s birthday, to a charity that benefits mothers, children and/or families.

~ In 2015, this project gave $704 to the NW Mothers Milk Bank.
~ In 2016, this project gave $455 to Food for Orphans.
~ In 2017, this project gave $995 to Bridge The Gap For Kids.
​~ Lullaby Of Breath, for 2018, will allow me to give $715 to Community Roots Collaborative.

Learn more about Painting On Purpose (and see the first 3 paintings)

Painting On Purpose, 2018, the 4th annual, by Katie m. Berggren


Even when we’ve run out of lullaby songs to sing,
our rhythmic breath sustains our resting children.
As they listen to the rise and the fall, they relax into us.

LULLABY OF BREATH is now available! This gorgeous-in-real-life painting is on a mission! It has been MY pleasure to create her and have you follow along with me, and NOW, the time has come to find her forever family, so that we can get $715 into an organization helping unhoused families become HOUSED!

Lullaby Of Breath is the 4th painting in my Painting On Purpose Project. ALL of the money from the sale of this new 16×16″ painting ($715) will go straight to COMMUNITY ROOTS COLLABORATIVE (not just the profit, ALL of the money).

Painting On Purpose, 2018, the 4th annual, by Katie m. Berggren

Community Roots Collaborative is reintegrating the unhoused into blended communities, through permanent cottage home neighborhoods and integrated services. Learn more about Community Roots Collaborative at

Painting On Purpose, 2018, the 4th annual, by Katie m. Berggren

Lullaby Of Breath is a 16×16” one-of-a-kind original painting on deep-edge canvas – she will melt your heart when you hold her in your hands

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this ~ Have a wonderful day!

Love & Sincerely, Katie

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