Kindred Collection #3 ~ Sweet Everything & Summer

Sweet summer skies, sweet nestled babe, sweet breezy feelings. This is everything. Crystal blue eyes, a cozy orange jumpsuit, translucent flowers and the relief of a downhill. This is Summer.

I just returned from 6 days with 10 girlfriends in California… so much summer and so much kindness. Hiking, wading, talking, eating. All good things.

I returned to a studio that felt so lovely to me – blank canvases waiting in the easel. I returned to two boys who felt so different to hug after hugging girlfriends. I have been hugging and kissing my boys about 15 times per day ever since. Paint and sweet faces to kiss. So many blessings.

Here is the third painting in the Kindred Collection – her name is Sweet Everything. I painted her in my mind several times while I was away, so she came out effortless and free-flowing.

Sweet Everything, new painting from Katie m. Berggren

Sweet Everything, new painting from Katie m. Berggren

Sweet Everything, new painting from Katie m. Berggren

This original painting has SOLD ~ you can find prints of her here.


Mindful Mothering Project painting #17 is available see and read more about Embraced In A Dream, here.

Embraced In A Dream, brand new painting by Katie m. Berggren,


PLEASE NOTE: The fourth painting in the Kindred Collection will be released NEXT Thursday ~ as soon as possible I will be showing snapshots and video progress on my Instagram and Facebook pages – also my Instagram Stories, which is so fun.

Thank you for taking the time to read along! 

I’m not sure I want to create from submitted photos, yet, but I’m keeping my options open. Do you WANT to email me a photo that you’d like to see painted in the Kindred Collection? I’ll give you a free print of the final painting inspired by your photo. That’s just common kindness

 Love & Sincerely, Katie

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