It’s Music – the 3rd 10×10 in The Forty Mini Collection!

Music… I’ve always wanted to name a painting Music ~

music has a strange & wonderful power over me…
see Music, Day Dream, and Wist, here.

Some of my favorites are (at least right now): Matt Nathanson, Mila Polevia, Taylor Swift, Billy Joel, Elton John, Johnny Cash, The Fray, Train, The Beatles, Gabriel Mann, Carbon Leaf, Rachel Loy, Ana Nalick, The Dave Matthews Band…

No matter how tired I am in the studio, iTunes is like a little battery cord ~ while the music flows, the brush goes ~ sometimes I pay for it later, though.

I hope you have a wonderful Thursday! Come back tomorrow to comment for Free Cards Friday! I have a fresh FRESH NEW batch of 5×7 cards ~ thank you to my wonderful printer.

Love & Sincerely, Katie

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