Inspired by Clouds – It’s Free Cards Friday Again!

Just now, as my boys and I were driving home from the Post Office, I was taken aback by the clouds – this hasn’t happened in awhile and I look at it as a positive sign.

There are times when I forget to take notice of nature’s beauty – although I try to point out to my sons the gorgeous elements that were made by mother nature (and not touched by humans).
We all three ooohed and awed, gussied and gaffawed at the beauty of the sky’s “mashed potato” clouds – a thick, luscious white with ripples – overlapped by darker, thinner, smoother rain clouds. I was wishing I had my camera.

“Maybe I’ll paint some clouds” I told my boys – inside wondering what others would think – and my five year old said “then why don’t you?”

I think we will all paint some clouds this weekend.

It’s Free Cards Friday again, can you believe it?
I used to work in an office (my only 9-5 job and it didn’t last long – I’ve always been too much of a dreamer) and the people that I worked with would exclaim “Happy Friday!” on Fridays and I never quite “got it”. Despite their smiles I always felt sadness.

Why do we wait for Fridays? That seems like such a waste.

I love Fridays, but when “happy Friday” pops into my head a little rain cloud passes through my thoughts – I find it so sad that so many wait for Friday, wait for the weekend… I hope they try to find happiness every other day, as well.

Have a happy Friday and a happy weekend, and I’d love to hear your comments – tell me about clouds, your feelings towards Fridays, or just say “hi”.

I had the opportunity to (secretly) watch my neighbor unload his trunk from a Cosco trip today – simple pleasure for me – I’ve always been enthralled in seeing what others buy and in the joy of stocking the pantry.

“Art is the only way to run away without leaving home.” -Twyla Tharp
above painting: Learning To Love, learn more here:

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