Inspired, but Tired ~ Free Cards Friday

It’s Friday, the whole family is sleeping but me ~ I have the evening to myself ~ with no one to tell (or ask) me what to do I can watch a movie, I can paint, I can read a good book, I can do production, I can just relax, I can sleep, I can call my Grandma… it is so hard to decide when there is a bit of free time.

I am exhausted ~ but also inspired from spending a long visit with a fellow artist and friend today. Her home and studio reminded me of pages from a home interior magazine, with art & craft-related trinkets and supplies organized beautifully into jars and wire baskets… beautiful books on painted shelves, and visual inspiration in the form of handmade books and such ~ almost always within reach.

I get the urge tonite to take a second look at my studio ~ to try and bring some of her inspiration home. But then again, I am always wanting to shake things up in my home ~ making changes and moving things around (all without spending a dime, by the way). I waffle between wanting the studio to be crisp and clean, and wanting the studio to be edged (literally) in inspiration: hanging clippings and prints all around for visual stimulation…

Urg ~ how do YOU decide what to do when you have some time to yourself? Do you have a fall-back activity that pulls at you each time you have space in your schedule? Or do you, like me, find a variety of free-time activities clamoring for your attention (then find yourself dissatisfied with your choice(s) at the end of the night)? Or do you not have any free-time!? (yikes, that’s bad ~ I hope that isn’t you).

It’s Free Cards Friday ~ Add your note or insight to this blog post (here at the blog or on the Facebook page) throughout the weekend and be in the running to win some cards ~ I’ll choose the winner on Monday.

Have a lovely weekend,

Sincerely, Katie

PS: The Mother’s Day Gift Pack will be arriving in the shop in early April!

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