Innovative Leaders Summit

The Innovative Leaders Summit is happening this week ~ with Kirsten Klug as host, and today’s event features me ~ discussing Art & Motherhood. You can also find a special coupon on today’s page.

But only for 36 hours!

You can register here (then you’ll get an email to connect you to the summit speakers and bonuses) and join host Kirsten Klug to explore perseverance through challenges with creative vision. With 21 featured guests (including me!) discussing mindset, communication, increasing impact and income, creating positive change, and more.

The speakers from each day will be available for 36 Hours after you receive the daily email – so be sure to check your emails everyday and watch as we go.

Plus 4 bonus speakers:

~Scientist/Physician, Dr. Steve Mansoor
~Animal Behavior Specialist, Dr. Temple Grandin
~World Cup Athlete, Jackie Wiles
~Motivational Speaker, Jake French

The goal of this summit is to inspire us all. I offer a special coupon bonus with my presentation, and other speakers offer bonuses, too.

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