Innocence - want to see her early?


Happy February! Happy Lunar New Year! I wish you so much love, comfort, inspiration and success during this month and all year ♥


Innocence will be released February 6th... but my Private Facebook Community has already seen the finished piece... Want in? 


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Thank you so much to those who have supported the Silent Story art book on Kickstarter (you still can!)  I have a surprise gift for backers and those who pre-order by 2/10, to share with you on Thursday ~ stay-tuned!


I have had such fun thinking of cool treasures to incorporate the Silent Story art into. In the Kickstarter you can choose a Limited Edition enamel pin, and I have had some sweet Seeker buttons created by Sticker Mule, a company who has created MANY super cute motherhood stickers for me. They even offer laptop stickers and keychains. So many fun choices :)

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I'll let you know what I create next!

My son's surgery is in less than 2 weeks, so please remember that there will be delays on orders and emails from February 12-24 when we are mostly in the hospital. Please place your Valentine's Day orders right away ♥ thank you from the bottom of my heart! ♥


Thank you for reading. Have a wonderful week.
Stay safe, stay connected, stay healthy.

Love & Sincerely, Katie


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