Inner SuperHeros

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Inner SuperHeros

Recently I asked my growing and gorgeous community on Facebook: What is YOUR superpower? I love the responses. “I make milk” is a common and true response. Oh, to be able to produce the food from within, that is the best food for the one you cherish. Sigh. We are blessed.

One mama talked about channeling an inner superhero when you find yourself in need. Can a vision of a superhero within us help us to accomplish tasks or challenges that make our mere mortal selves step back? I’d love to channel a super woman who can pick up the phone and make calls without fear or a phony feeling of being a braggart. I’d love to send my art to little shops and boutiques all over the states, so that the mothers there can touch and experience the captured moments in person. But the superhero who can help me make those wholesale calls is still in embryonic stage…

Who is YOUR inner superhero? What is YOUR superpower? I really want to know.

Have a great day,

Love & Sincerely, Katie

Katie m. Berggren mother and child paintings ~

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Woven Softly by Katie m. Berggren

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