Inner Child Collection releases Tuesday - Mother Hunger

Inner Child Collection releases Tuesday - Mother Hunger

I truly believe that when words fail us, artwork speaks up. It shares in full color when our memories have faded, and tells a story when words just aren’t enough.
Art speaks up to add a balm to our soul when we aren't quite sure what is scratched inside.
I strongly feel that the peace and joy that is put into creating a painting, comes back out for the owner/viewer.


Last month I started creating my Inner Child Collection – 5-6 paintings, and this is how they feel: the woman and her inner child are fused, connected. We have our inner child within us… tucked deep. Our cells were/are their cells. Our worries started as theirs. Their seeds are our blooms, like them or not.

 inner child artwork by Katie m. Berggren, healing inner child


In these paintings the woman and her inner child have matching scars, but not ugly ones. Scars with meaning.

We can keep our inner children close, close our eyes and visualize their smiles, and their worries, because we are the adult now – perhaps the mother/father that we didn’t have when we were young. 


I have recently connected with an author named Kelly McDaniel, and her book Mother Hunger is coming out soon. In sharing her name and link, I just want to gently plant a seed for you, in case you are called to meet her too. Her words have been a blessing.

Tuesday, March 16 at noon PST is Release Day for these new paintings.


If you are on the KmBerggren email list, you will get an email at release time.


The paintings and prints will be released right here but please know that loyal and established KmBerggren Collectors have advance opportunities.

If you are a collector and you ever want first dibs on a painting in process, please ask.

Sincerely, Katie



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