ink drawings inspired by YOUR family ♥

ink drawings inspired by YOUR family ♥

All at once, after weeks of painting families suggested as inspiration, I decided to switch for a bit into drawing with ink :) then I realized that it is currently Inktober! No wonder I had that urge! I LOVE drawing with ink on paper.


In previous Octobers I’ve created a new ink drawing each day and popped them into orders as free gifts. So, for this last week of October/Inktober, I’m doing something neat. 

Comment on this post here (or respond to this email) if you’d like me to create an ink drawing inspired by YOUR family ♥ include in your note family size, hair length, ages… (big brother, baby twins, short-haired mom, one child, 6 children...) …anything else you deem relevant, or share a photo!

You choose the size! Original ink art pieces are on 5x5 inch ($25) or 8x8 inch ($40) heavy paper, prices include USA shipping. Families of 5 or more need to be created onto an 8x8 inch paper. International shipping quotes available.

I’ll tag you here when your art piece is in process. Unless it's a surprise for someone and you tell me not to :)

These are frameable! You can also use the image as your avatar or share it on your social media.


These have been fun, here's a little video that shows some of the new pieces, some of my collectors have had me do multiple to celebrate different portions of their family (gifts for grandmas, sisters, etc):


Final Tidbit: 

2024 Art Calendars... do you have yours yet? I have less than 1/2 of my stash left, and they'll be gone by the middle of December, if not before.



Thank you for being here, I hope you are having a LOVELY week!


Love & Sincerely, Katie


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