In The Now - mother and two children painting with blue and orange


mother and two children artwork in orange yellow and blue


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Good morning – yesterday began the cleaning and renovation of our new home and studio – today: demolition occurs! I’ll have studio images to share before too long. In the meantime, enjoy your today, the fresh air, the little bodies and voices that surround you and depend upon you.


This morning, I read Dana Layon’s (of Zen Flow Yoga) Weekly Om about Being In The Now (view Dana’s website here – click on Free E-Newsletter to receive your own inspirational Weekly Om) and after reading it, I heard the voices of my little boys – playing with their Playmobil Knights in their room ~ I considered the painting that needs wiring and labeling, the sandwiches that needed making, the potluck stuff that needed to be packed….



…then, I went in and sat on the floor of my boys’ room and played Playmobil with them. We were all happy. The stuff got packed, the sandwiches got made, and we are ready to leave – not even late



Have a great day!


Love & Sincerely,


Above painting: When I’m Feeling Blue


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